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Multitude Monday: Cliffs Notes Version

11 Oct

What I’m thankful for today:

61. That God has a plan when I don’t.

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Multitude Monday

4 Oct

Here’s what I’m thankful for on this rainy Monday…

53. A Monday that went surprisingly fast
54. A husband who knows how I like my coffee
55. A book I’m enjoying
56. Exciting ministry possibilities
57. Jars of Clay concert this Friday!
58. Good conversations
59. Ideas for a book
60. The faithfulness of God

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Multitude Monday: Trust and Grace

27 Sep

This weekend I went to the Thirst Conference.  Aside from hearing from a lot of great speakers (which I plan to share about this week) I really felt that God was speaking something to me….

Trust me.

How often do we as Christians say we trust in the Lord, but hold on to parts of our lives we’re not willing to surrender to Him? 

This weekend I prayed that the Lord would pour stuff out of me.  Just absolutely pour all of this worry and bitterness and the junk that I hold on to out of my heart and my mind.

On Sunday, after coming home the night before, I felt like a weight had been lifted.

And then Sunday afternoon, I got into a car accident.

I was fine.  My arm is bruised up a bit, but otherwise, I’m alright.

It’s hard to explain, but as soon as that airbag deployed I thought to myself, I’m ok.

I just started sobbing because I knew that despite what had just happened, I can trust in the Lord.

He protected me.  He will take care of finding us another car, if that’s what it comes to.  He will provide.  He will provide.

So on this Multitude Monday, here is what I am thankful for:

42. Seatbelts
43. Full car insurance
44. A husband who ran to me in a time of trouble
45. Good friends who came to my side
46. A great weekend immersed in the Word
47. A growing vision for our young adult ministry
48. Lots of laughter while listening to this guy
49. Some great new worship music
50. Knowing that this will pass
51. Parents who are lending me their car
52. Online friends who encourage and lift me up

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Multitude Monday and a Winner!

20 Sep

First things first, the winner of Max Lucado’s latest book, Outlive Your Life, is Janet from Frugal & Focused.  Not only do I love sharing giveaways with all of you, but I love finding your blogs through them!  Janet shares recipes, menu plans and ways to live a frugal lifestyle on her blog.  Make sure to check it out.

And here is what I’m grateful for this Multitude Monday:

31. Another great book read over the weekend
32. A beautiful mountain view on Saturday
33. Time spent with friends
34. The best cheesesteak sandwich I think I’ve ever had
35. A cool breeze coming through my window as I write this
36. A cup of coffee in my hand
37. Finding new, encouraging blogs to read
38. Signs that fall is approaching!
39. A young adult conference this weekend
40. A Friday off from work
41. Grace that I don’t deserve

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Multitude Mondays

13 Sep
Here’s what I’m thankful for on this Monday:
21. I’m finally over the sickness I had last week
22. This Monday seems to be going pretty quickly
23. Yesterday’s altar call that challenged and inspired me
24. A husband that tells me he loves me all day every day
25. The continuing revelation (piece by piece) of what God wants to do in my life
26. Confirmations and the feeling that things will work out
27. Our new flash finally came in the mail!
28. A fan blowing cool air in my cubicle
29. The Lord’s provision over and over again
30. I’m finally learning to let go…
What are you thankful for today?

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Multitude Monday

6 Sep

This weekend was one of great rest.  A time of refreshing that was long overdue.  I read a good book.  I spent time with friends.  I enjoyed my first bonfire and first smore of the season.  I prayed about what’s ahead.  And I worried a little less.

My continuing list of gifts and blessings…read the start of this list here.

11. Good friends
12. Good food
13. A Monday off from work!
14. Possibilities
15. A hug from my 2-going-on-3 niece
16. A cool fall night
17. Good conversation
18. The glow of a season’s first bonfire
19. My favorite patio chair
20. A sweet-smelling candle

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Multitude Monday: A Beginning

30 Aug

I did not want to get up this morning.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels like that on a Monday morning.

But this morning, I really struggled to get out of bed.

I rose slowly, and stayed in the shower longer than normal. I took less care with my outfit for the
day, and lounged in our recliner longer watching the news longer than I should have. I put on as little
makeup as possible, lazily dried and crunched my hair, as was out the door much later than I should
have been.

When I finally got on the road, tears began spilling down my cheeks.

I am tired of feeling like this Lord, I suddenly heard myself saying out loud.

Tired of not wanting to get up and face each day.

Tired of the monotony.

Tired of feeling like I don’t have a purpose.

But most of all, I’m tired of not having joy.

I get so caught up in my situation.  So caught up in where I’m at, that I become blind to the blessings.

I don’t want to live my life like that.

After a few lamentations, I began to pray that God would speak to my heart.  That He would replace my mornings of sadness with a new joy.  That He would show me that each day (even if I’m not exactly where I want to be) has a purpose.

So that’s why I’ve decided to join the Gratitude Community.  Each Monday I will be working my way toward my personal list of one thousand gifts.  My prayer is that God would use these Mondays to place a new joy in my heart, and a new courage as I face each week.

So here’s the start of my list:

1) A loving husband who embraces me despite my many faults
2) A job (and an income) in a terrible economy
3) The changing of leaves
4) The beginnings of cool fall nights
5) A cup of coffee and a good book
6) A full belly after a delicious meal
7) Another day to spend with those I love
8) A blanket on a cold night
9) A song reminding me of God’s faithfulness
10) A phone call from a friend that I love

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Want to know more about how you can join this community of gratitude?  Stop by here for details.