About The Blog:

Caffeinated Critic is a blog containing opinions and entertainment/product reviews by author Meg Massey. Topics include, but are not limited to spirituality, life events, entertainment, photography, shopping, crafting, and the simple but profound moments that comprise everyday life.

About The Author:

I (Meg Massey) am a twenty-something writer and editor based in the United States.  I have written for various publications, including Relevant Magazine.

I earned my BA in English/Communications in 2007, and my MA in English in 2009.

I enjoys reading and writing, that’s why I studied English for so long!

I also enjoy walking, jogging, spending time outdoors, scrapbooking, painting, taking photos, and spending time with my husband, family and friends.  That’s why you’ll find that the content of this blog will be quite varied.  I have a lot of interests, and would love to hear the opinions of my readers as well!

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