Book Review: The Soul of C.S. Lewis

7 Aug

 The Soul of C. S. Lewis: A Meditative Journey through Twenty-Six of His Best-Loved Writings

The Soul of C.S. Lewis is composed by three authors, Wayne Martindale, Jerry Root and Linda Washington, and also includes the contributions of several other authors. These authors chose 26 of Lewis’ most well-known works, and devote one chapter to each selected work. Each chapter contains a short introduction, followed by ten carefully chosen quotes. Each quote is then analyzed in what can only be described as a devotional format. Each devotional’s idea or theme is reinforced with a corresponding scripture.

While most have praised this book, others have criticized it because more of Lewis’ own words are not included within the text. I find myself somewhere in between; I have read a number of Lewis’ works and would have loved to see more of his thoughts within these pages. Those looking for a rich sampling of his texts should look elsewhere. However, I was also impressed by the knowledge of the three authors of this particular book. Martindale and Root, both professors at Wheton College in Illinois, teach courses about Lewis or have conducted extensive research in relation to his life and texts. And Washington is a welcome voice, as she has more than twenty years of experience as an editor and writer. This book is finely researched and attentive to Lewis’ exquisite details, and would be the ideal devotional for long-time Lewis fans, or for those just starting to become interested in his work.

I received a free copy of The Soul of C.S. Lewis from Tyndale in exchange for reviewing the book. No other compensation was received, and all opinions expressed here are my own.


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