Lost Recap: The Candidate

5 May
My recap of last night’s episode of Lost is now live at Blissfully Domestic.
But due to length limitations, there were a few things I couldn’t write in that article that I’m still thinking about today.  REMINDER: Do not read if you have not watched last night’s episode.
Last night’s episode “The Candidate,” or as I like to call it, “The One Where Everyone Dies,” really brought up a lot of interesting questions and points.
1) Why are we listening to Sawyer again?  Didn’t he get them all captured by Widmore in the last episode?  But sure, we’ll just take the submarine and abandon the man in black.  It’s not like he could catch us or anything.  Oh…wait…
2) When are people going to realize that Jack is the MAN?  He’s had his moments, but he has emerged as one of the ongoing heroes of this tale.  Not only has he let go of his obsessive need to fix things, but he has somehow learned what the man in black has been planning all along.
3) Despite the fact that I am pretty much crushed by Sayid’s death, I have to admit that it was poetic.  We watched in horror as Sayid became some zombie minion for the man in black.  But Desmond seemed to say just the right things to pull Sayid back from that dark side of himself.  And in his final moments, Sayid did the truly noble and selfless thing; he sacrificed himself so that the other castaways could live.
4) The episode is called “The Candidate.”  As in, THE candidate.  So we can’t help but wonder who is going to step in to Jacob’s shoes.  The obvious answer after this episode seems to be Jack.  But I’ve got a feeling that alternate-universe Locke still might find a way to get back to the island.
5) Okay, writers.  I understand that you really wanted us to  feel Sun and Jin’s connection as they waited for death in the submarine.  But was the final shot of their lifeless hands being pulled apart really necessary?
6) It all comes back to love.  Whether you like it or not, this is a story about love.  Desmond and Penny.  Sun and Jin.  Faraday and Charlotte.  Kate and…?  Thank God the writers have deviated from the soap opera-esque feel of the third and fourth seasons, and haven’t focused too much on the dreaded love sometimes-triangle-sometimes-square.  But after last night’s episode, I can’t help but wonder if the writers might be pushing Jack and Kate back together.  When Jack arrived on the beach after the submarine sank, Kate began weeping, saying “I couldn’t find you, I couldn’t find you,” and finally embracing him.  Though I don’t want to focus on it too much, I can’t help but feel that Kate is drawn to Jack’s new demeanor.  He has suddenly become the man of faith who is in the know about all things island.
7) Good vs. Evil.  So we’ve established that the man in black DID try to kill the castaways.  Or, at the very least, he made them doubt each other, leading to the deaths of four of our favorite characters.  So we’ve established that he’s bad.  But what about Widmore, and ultimately Jacob?  Who will emerge as the positive force in this epic?

3 Responses to “Lost Recap: The Candidate”

  1. SnoWhite {Finding Joy in My Kitchen} May 6, 2010 at 10:52 pm #

    I'm pretty sure he tried to kill them all because MIB wants to be Jacob's replacement — He wants to be the "candidate". If all Jacob's recruits are dead, then, MIB has to assume Jacob's role. That's what I think right now….!

  2. daria May 6, 2010 at 10:52 pm #

    I've been a Lost fan all along, but lately I've been frustrated with the state of affairs on the island! I mean, it started out as a pretty egalitarian place and included men and women of different races, ethnicities, ages (kind of) and dis/ability levels. Lately though, all the women have become increasingly dependent on the men and side-kickish… even Kate! The nearly-last straw came for me when they blatantly killed Ilana, my last hope of a strong female character. And now, now the pretty-much-last minorities on the island are killed off all in one episode?! Ugh! I'll be kind of mad if "the one" ends up being the hyper-masculine white man of the show. Double-ugh! But that's just me.And you're right, #3 was very "Titanic".~Fellow 20SB Lost (still hopefully) fan.

  3. Laura Will May 10, 2010 at 1:01 am #

    OMG, OMG, OMG!! Okay, I did NOT read anything in this post. I have a very good reason for doing something so silly though, I promise you. I just started watching Lost with my Hub about a month ago. Ahh, LOVE it!! We just started season 4 though, so I'm still pretty far behind. I was just texting my sister about how the "flash forwards" were hard to figure out. She then informed me about the "flash side-ways" that start happening in season 6. Wha?! Crazy, I tell you, crazy! But I love it. It's like the best show ever 🙂 Anyway, just happy to meet up with another "Lost lover" haha. Looking forward to following your blog, Meg.Lots of blessing to you,Laurahttp://justforluv.blogspot.com

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