Turn right you will

4 May
A friend of mine just passed this on to me. 
Some of you out there might not know my obsession with Star Wars, but it runs pretty deep.  Now don’t worry, I didn’t have a Jedi-themed wedding or something strange like that, but I have to admit it would be pretty cool to have Darth Vader throwing out some directions while I’m driving my car down the highway.  They will also have the voices of Yoda, C-3PO and Han Solo.  Even if you’re not a big Star Wars fan, I’m sure you can at least see the humor in having Yoda direct you through traffic!
Check out all of the available voices and some free content over at TomTom.  You can also a Star Wars game that will give you the chance to compete for a Yoda-themed navigation device.  Check it out!

One Response to “Turn right you will”

  1. Rachel May 13, 2010 at 11:07 pm #

    LOVE THIS!!!!!!! OH MY!!!We are a STAR WARS house here as well… My little girls integrate star wars action figures into the polly pocket play times. (Envision- Darth Vader and Polly fighting over whose star cruiser is better… yeah, that's my house)Oh- and our puppy's name is Obi-Wan Kenobi… I just did a post on my blog with a cool Dog inspired Jedi Painting- hillarious!Nice to meet ya- I have got to follow a fellow StarWars fan…

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