Times change, Friendships Don’t…

22 Mar

Just the other night I was talking to my husband about how much things have changed in the past year.  When you get married, you obviously have a new life to become adjusted to, new schedule, that sort of thing.  I was sharing with him that I’ve felt disconnected from a lot of my friends lately.

My two closest friends, Virginia and Crystal, both got married around the same time I did (Crystal in August 2008 and Virginia in June 2009), so I suppose it was only natural that we began to lose touch with one another.

The three of us in 2007

On Sunday night I went to a birthday party and Virginia and Crystal were both there with their husbands.  We all had a blast, and I was struck by something.


Times change.  Friendships don’t.  Sure, they evolve.  The days of spending hours upon hours together are gone.  No more backyard “camping” giggling fests.  No more road trips and blaring country music on the radio.  But the essential, important elements of our friendships remain the same; we love each other, and we’re there for each other.  Time and major life events won’t change that.


So tonight I want to give a shoutout to Crystal and Virginia.  Despite the changes in our lives, you will always be my best friends.  I love you both more than I could ever say!


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