Less is more

8 Mar

My husband and I watched the Oscars last night, and aside from being ecstatic that Hurt Locker took away the top prize(s), we were critiquing celebrity fashions.  There were some pretty out-there dresses, as seen below:

People were raving about the dress that Jennifer Lopez wore, but I didn’t really like it.  I hate how the train gathers on the side of the dress.  Maybe I just don’t understand “high fashion.”  The color was pretty though!

Not much else to say but YIKES! 

Here’s another one I just don’t get, though I have to be honest and say that I don’t really admire a lot of SJP’s fashion choices.  It’s completely shapeless!

I LOVED Sandra Bullock’s dress.  I wouldn’t call it the most flattering cut in the world, but the shimmer and lace details were gorgeous.

Queen Latifah is always looking better and better!  This color, the cut, everything just suits her completely.  I thought she looked amazing!

Year after year, Kate Winslet looks phenomenal.  This isn’t my favorite awards show dress from her, but the color and the interesting jewelry choices look wonderful nonetheless.

My husband and I agreed that our favorite dress of the night was worn by….

Cameron Diaz!  She looked fantastic.  What I thought was funny is that Ryan said he liked this one because it didn’t look like she was “trying too hard.  It’s simple.  I like that.”

I have to agree.  I definitely think that less is more!

What did you guys think of the Oscar fashions?  Who were your favorites?


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