12 Jan
So many magazines these days are filled with smut.  Articles like “25 Ways to Seduce Your Man” (I’m making it a little more tame for this blog, I’m sure you can imagine the titles I’m talking about) seem to dominate the pages of the country’s most popular women’s magazines.
I occasionally pick up a Redbook or Glamour when I’m in the mood, but most of the time I’m really enjoying magazines like Real Simple, which are all about simplifying, organizing and just plain living and enjoying life.
Every time I open my mailbox and find my latest copy of RS, I can’t wait to devour every word.  It’s full of ideas and tips that have helped to save me money, organize chaos, and save my sanity.
The latest issue is no exception.  I was so pleased to read a feature story that highlighted the long-lasting marriages of fantastic couples.  As I said before, so often we read about infidelity and promiscuous single lifestyles in women’s magazines.   It’s refreshing to know that there’s a magazine that’s all about telling the stories of couples who really are in it for better and for worse.
That’s not to say that women’s magazines don’t share these values.  I’d just like to see more of it!  Kudos to Real Simple for pointing out the commitment that these couples share.  To read a few of their stories, check out the links below.

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