Smallville 2009 Round-up

8 Dec

Since Smallville won’t be on again until January 22nd, I wanted to post some of my thoughts about the first episodes of the ninth season.

I neglected to watch this show for several seasons when people kept dying and coming back to life.  I was a bit frustrated by the show’s desire to hang on to ultimately doomed relationships between Clark and Lana, so when she finally left the show, I think everyone breathed a sigh of relief.  I know I did.

I started tuning in again during season 8, where Lois and Clark began appearing together at the Daily Planet.  It was a breath of fresh air in comparison with other seasons, and despite some second-rate special effects in the season finale, I was hooked enough to continue watching this season.

I’m glad that I have.  The entire season has been watch-worthy; from Clark’s struggle to reconcile his alien and human double life, the building romantic relationship between Lois and Clark, and most grippingly, the impending conflict between Kryptonians and Kandorians. 

The biggest complaint about this show is that people are concerned that it doesn’t follow the original Superman story.  I thought that the whole purpose of Smallville was to reveal a part of the story that we’ve never seen.  For the first time, as I’ve been watching this season’s episodes, I’ve found myself thinking, “Clark is becoming Superman.”  In the original movies, we saw portions of Clark’s younger life, but did not really receive enough information to understand who and what he was before he became the iconic superhero.

For a time, I think that the mythos got lost in some of the writing.  Storylines were beat to death, things were sexed up a bit too much, and weird enemies made a few too many appearances.  But now we seem to be on track.  An impending conflict between Zod and Clark has been revealed, and iconic relationship of Lois and Clark is being explored.  The fall finale left us with Clark coming out of the shadows to reveal himself to Zod, and I can only wonder if Lois will finally learn his identity in the final episodes of this season.  When will he wear the famous red and blue?  There are so many questions, and I can’t wait to find out all the answers.

Tune in to the CW to watch new episodes of Smallville beginning on Friday, January 22nd at 8 pm.


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