13 Nov

I’ve never understood why so many Christians (myself included) struggle with “letting go and letting God.”  We hear that often in the church, don’t we?  So why is it that it’s so hard to achieve.

So many times in my life, I’ve tried to control the outcome of things…hoped desperately that my life would work out the way I wanted it to.  I didn’t consult with God nearly as often as I should have, and as a result, a lot of the plans I had, and the things I thought I wanted, crumbled before my eyes.

Lately I’ve been stressing, and I mean, really worrying.  Stressing about money, the future, my car, saving money…everything that you can think of, I have been worrying about. 

God has really been speaking to me lately about things and my lack of ownership of things on this earth.  This week a woman who lives in our apartment community passed away, and I realized that she couldn’t take anything with her.  Someone has to go into her apartment and remove all of her things.  They might give some things to charity or divide them among family members, but she is no longer in possession of them.

I could have all the money in the world, and it may permit me to do some great things and purchase items that I like or need.  But I can’t take it with me. 

There are days I wish that I had more; don’t we all?  But why?  I have my health, I am surrounded my wonderful family and friends.  I may not have the most extravagant things, but I have more than enough of what I need and like.

I am still praying about where God wants me.  I don’t believe he wants me in the job I’m in forever…but in the meantime, I want to be content where I’m at.  I pray every day that God teaches me how to be patient, and to release control of my life to Him. 

He’s in control anyway, so why not just let go?


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