Wreath and Centerpiece

4 Nov

I promised pictures of the wreath and centerpiece I put together for fall, and here they are.  The pictures aren’t the best, and my dining room table is a little cluttered, but I’m sure you can forgive me for that, right?

As I described in my previous post, this wreath was really easy to make.

You can purchase a simple wreath like this from any craft store, which also goes for the garland and any accessories you might choose to add to the wreath.

My mom bought me all of this stuff because she loves decorating. She bought several garlands, accessories, and ribbons for me, so I had a lot of great items to work with.  I ended up choosing a really pretty garland of leaves.  I then attached the garland to the wreath with brown wire.

What’s nice about a project like this is once you have the garland cut to the exact size you need, it’s even easier to work with the following year when fall rolls around again.  Cool right?

Here’s a close-up shot of a sprig of berries I decided to add to the wreath once the garland was attached:

I thought that these particular berries matched the leaves I used very well, and it adds just a little extra something to the overall presentation.

I decided against adding items like ribbon because I wanted this particular wreath, with its leaves and berries, to feel a little more rustic. 

Here’s the centerpiece I added to our dining room table:  (Again, please excuse the clutter in the background)

This was really simple.  I took a simple basket purchased (by my mom) at Walmart, and tossed in some (fake) pumpkins, gourds, etc.   You could certainly use real pumpkins if you had the time to grab some.

I also used a few red and orange jewels, as well as some leaves from a leftover piece of the garland I used for my wreath.

When I change over the wreath and centerpiece for Christmas, I plan on taking photos and writing out a step-by-step process for anyone who might be interested in doing something like this.  It’s so easy!  We live in an apartment, and special touches like this really make it feel more like home.


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