Quick Round-up: Smallville Season 9 (Thus Far)

12 Oct

I realize that in all of the craziness of the past few weeks, I have yet to sit down and write my thoughts on the first few episodes of the ninth season of Smallville.

I’ve loved this show since its premiere episode, but at the end of last season, I was a little disappointed with how the writers ended some things. At the close of last season, we watched as Clark defeated Doomsday in a poorly executed fight (there’s only so much you can do on a TV budget) and Lois disappeared, leaving Chloe alone after the death of her beloved Jimmy.

The first episode of the ninth season, “Savior” was a powerful one where viewers were startled to learn that Lois had been missing for three weeks, and Clark, out of grief over losing both Jimmy and Lois, retreated to the fortress of solitude for training with Jor-El. We also discover that Clark has a new costume for his heroic rescues. It’s not the red/blue cape combo that we all know from the movies and comics, but rather a black version of the getup that features a trenchcoat and the iconic “S” symbol on his chest.

We also learn that there is a distance between Clark and Chloe. Clark feels that he must distance himself from the human race, and all that he loves, in order to be the hero is destined to be. It also doesn’t help that he denied Chloe’s frantic request that Clark turn back time and save Jimmy’s life.

In the midst of all of this, Lois returns, complete with haunting visions of the future. We also learn that a younger version of Zod has come to earth, along with his loyal followers. Luckily, they don’t have Kryptonian powers – yet.

In the second episode, “Metallo”, after battling reporter-turned-crazed-Kryptonite-heart revenge-seeker John Corbin, Clark realizes that he must return to his life as Clark Kent if he is to protect those he loves, and discover the truth behind Lois’ visions. The moment Clark returns to the Daily Planet is a memorable one, especially for Lois and Clark fans, as Lois pulls him into a hug, and he smiles as she begins to tell him all the heroic “Red/Blue Blur” saves he’s “missed.”

In the third episode, “Rabid”, we see the depths of Lois and Clark’s feelings for each other, as Clark struggles to save Metropolis (and Lois) of course, from a deadly virus that is making inhabitants of the city rabid. Clark leaves Lois in the care of Oliver so that he can donate his blood to a vaccine for the virus, only to be disappointed when he discovers that Oliver lost Lois, allowing her to be infected by the virus. When Clark discovers a rabid Lois, his heartbreak is evident as she begins to fight him. He goes out of his way not to harm her, holding her back from him as he moves her into open air where Chloe has distributed the vaccine. When the vaccine has worked, and Lois realizes where she is, she turns in his embrace and holds onto him for dear life.

Meanwhile, of course, we discover that a doctor in the hospital who attended to Tess Mercer, who was also infected by the virus, is actually a Kryptonian soldier who released the virus to draw out the Kryptonian in Metropolis who he believes to be Jor-El. Though Zod kills this loyal soldier for releasing such a deadly virus, we get the sense that Zod is one step closer to finding Clark, and his Kryptonian powers, as he holds a vial of Clark’s blood.

All in all, a great couple of episodes. I’m really glad to see that the writers are finally giving Lois and Clark some powerful scenes together. The return of a young Zod is also getting interesting, and I’m curious to see how the writers will allow Clark and Zod to cross paths in the near future. I wish that they would get rid of Tess Mercer and bring back Lex, but that’s really my only gripe. Anybody have any opinions on the first few episodes of the season?


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