Flash Forward Episode 3: "137 Sekunden"

9 Oct

A horrifying scene in Somalia

Many reviewers have said that last night’s episode of FlashForward was a little slow, but I think it brought the story to an interesting place that was not explored in the first two episodes.

This episode takes Agent Mark Benson to Germany, where he believes an imprisoned Nazi can give him information about why the blackout lasted exactly 137 seconds. After jumping through hoops to verify the man’s vision, Benson is duped into giving the Nazi freedom for a less-than-stellar recount of what the man saw; a city burning in the distance and crows lying dead on the ground.

Disappointed at first, of course, Benson returns to America wondering why the man’s picture appeared on his board in the future, and what relevance dead crows may have to the rapidly approaching future. Toward the end of the episode, he asks fellow agent Janis to help him look up instances of dead crows in the past, to see if anything is flagged. They discover that the population of crows significantly diminished during the worldwide blackout, but even more startling, they uncover a similar but smaller instance where crows died and people blacked out. This takes us to a flashback in Somalia, where we see a young boy watch as crows fall to the ground.

In a show that focuses so much on the future, this episode prompts questions of how these agents and the people of the world can learn from the past. What happened in Somalia? What caused it? How did this become a worldwide phenomenon? And who’s to say they can prevent it from happening again?

One more interesting element of this episode was the speech given by Agent Stanford at a memorial for fallen agents and friends. He says that a friend of his called all who had visions of the future prophets. He says that he never heard of a prophet that did not suffer, but he also never “heard of a prophet that God didn’t love.” There are some very interesting spiritual elements in this show, and I’m looking forward to how the writers will continue to explore this as the show continues.


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