South Beachin’ It

7 Oct
I’ve been meaning to get out and buy a bathroom scale, ’cause I’m dying to know if the South Beach Diet, which Ryan and I started last week, is working. I feel a little guilty because I cheated a little bit this week, only because both of us were sick with a really bad cold and neither of us felt like cooking.

But I think what I’m growing to love about South Beach is that it seems like it’s very easy to get back on track. I’m not worried about being a certain size or fitting in old jeans, I just think that’s a juvenile way of looking at dieting and exercise. I really just want to be more healthy. I’m dedicated to sticking to this and making a really positive life change. In that spirit, I’ve found some great recipes over at Kalyn’s Kitchen, and I thought I would share a few that I’m dying to try!

And ’cause we all know I have a sweet tooth…

Even if you’re not committed to trying the South Beach Diet, these recipes are still great because they feature little to no sugar and are low in carbohydrates! It’s certainly worth a try!

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