I’ll be flashing forward every Thursday at 8…

25 Sep

The cast of FlashForward

Last night while surfing the channels, Ryan and I stumbled across FlashForward, ABC’s new Lost-esque show. Some of our Lost favorites, Sonya Walger (who played Penny) and Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) appear . We were captivated from the beginning, though we apparently missed the central moment of the show (we’ll youtube it later), where every member of the human race blacks out for exactly 2 minutes and seventeen seconds.

During those minutes, each member of the human race has a vision of the same date, six months in the future. We discover that there are people who had common visions, and it prompts FBI agent Mark Benford (Shakespeare in Love’s Joseph Fiennes) to begin leading an investigation into the worldwide phenomenon.

FBI agent Mark Benford surrounded by chaos after the incident

So many questions are asked within this first hour, that our heads were spinning. Why did this happen? How many have died, as many people were in transit when they blacked out. Why did everyone have visions of the same date, April 29th, 2010? Why did some see nothing? Does that mean they will be dead by the infamous date? And finally, in the last chilling moments of the premiere, who is the man that is seen walking around via surveillance camera while everyone in the world has blacked out?

I don’t know the answers yet, but I can’t wait to find out! FlashForward airs on ABC at 8 pm on Thursday.


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