NCIS Season 7 has begun

23 Sep

Last night marked the season premiere of one of my favorite shows on television, NCIS. For those who have yet to see the episode, and wish to watch it without knowing what happens, I suggest you do not continue reading.

The episode begins with an interrogation, though the person being questioned is not who we all might suspect. When season 6 ended, Ziva was in the hot seat, taken as a prisoner by terrorists. In this episode, however, Tony has landed himself in the interrogation chair, and as the beginning credits roll, we find ourselves wondering why.

Thankfully we are not left wondering for long. Tony’s interrogator injects him with truth serum, and asks him to give him a run-down of NCIS operations. The result is Tony’s descriptions of each character, which certainly provides a nice introduction for new viewers. These descriptions are connected to flashbacks, detailing the four months that have passed since Ziva left the team.

We see that Gibbs asks Tony and McGee to begin the process of finding a replacement for Ziva. Though part of this process is comical, in that we see Gibbs make a prospective replacement cry, it becomes clear that there really can be no replacement for Ziva. The hiring process awakens suspicions in Tony, as he has not heard from Ziva since leaving her in Israel. Though they did not leave each other on the greatest of terms, he finds himself wondering why she did not contact McGee or Abby. When Tony expresses these suspicions to his co-workers, he finds that he is not alone. Nearly every member of the team has been conducting research into Ziva’s whereabouts. They find a connection with a terrorist cell that is located in Somalia, but also receive the devastating news that the ship on which Ziva was traveling disappeared, leading them all to believe that she has died.

Flash forward to the interrogation room, and we find that Tony and McGee have sought out this terrorist cell in a quest for vengeance. They seeks to kill them because they have killed Ziva. Moments later, however, we learn that Ziva is alive. When the hood is removed, unveiling her face, both she and Tony are visibly startled, but as usual, fight the flood of emotions they must be feeling, face to face again in such dire circumstances.

I felt myself wondering for a moment if one of these three was going to die in this episode, but as usual, Gibbs come to the rescue by way of rediscovering his old sniper ways, shooting Ziva’s captor through a window. The three escape and return to D.C., and it is here where the episode ends.

First off, reactions. I loved this episode, but wish that it had not felt so much like a recap episode. I would have liked to see a little more action, particularly on the part of Tony. Though I’m always up for his whip-fast retorts, I would have liked to see him unleash the vengeance he was so intent on finding.

Second, ideas. I’m wondering where this season will find Tony and Ziva. Though she has returned to D.C., will she be a part of the team, or will the past continue to separate her from those she has come to care about? Will she ever learn that Tony has always been looking for her, and thank him for his efforts?

Only time will tell!


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