Our Apartment: Before and After

27 Jul

Everyone knows that when you live in an apartment you don’t have the freedom to get as creative as you would like. Ryan and I are fortunate enough that our apartment complex has allowed us to paint our walls and hang things! Being unemployed right now (but not for long, yay!) I’ve had a lot of fun putting things together and finding decorative items for less. Here are some before and after shots so you can see what I’m talking about.

This is our kitchen before. Everything was so drab! All of the appliances here are white, so they blended in to the walls. We needed to get some color in there pronto!

We only painted portions of the walls, as we’ll have to paint everything back to white when we move out. We’ve debated possibly painting the backsplash, but haven’t quite made up our minds. We chose a bright yellow shade called Morning Sun from Olympic Paint (which you can buy at Lowe’s) and it really made a difference in the room. We’ve accessorized with stainless steel appliances and red accents.

This is another view of the kitchen, and perhaps a better look at the paint color we’ve chosen. One drawback about our apartment is that we don’t have a lot of cabinet space, so we bought a great pantry from Brylane Home. The wall art is from Walmart and was only $10!

The above photo is a before shot of our dining room. One of the walls was painted brown before we moved in, and we actually decided to leave it the way it was!

Here is the finished dining room! The right wall is painted with Olympic Paint’s most popular color, Ponytail. It’s a wonderful neutral shade that we also ended up using in our living room and hallway.

We painted the third wall of our dining room a wonderfully rich red shade called Brick Dust, also from Olympic Paint. The wall art was purchased from Kohl’s and from a friend!

Our living room is a fairly long room, so at first it was difficult to figure out how we wanted to stage things. We eventually moved our brown couches (purchased at Unclaimed Freight) away from the walls, so there is still plenty of room to walk out onto our terrace. The wall art from Bed, Bath and Beyond completed the look. We also recently added a bookshelf beneath the wall art, though that is not visible in this photograph. The lamps were $5 at Walmart!

Yes it’s true, we have wonderful walk-in closets! But otherwise, our bedroom was very plain! We just had to do something with it!

We used some of our Brick Dust paint for an accent wall, but painted the rest of the walls a gorgeous chocolate brown. Our bedroom furniture was given to us by my parents, and our bedspread is a beautiful jacquard pattern from Brylane Home!

I don’t have any before shots of our bathroom. The walls were white, of course! The paint change in this room was very subtle. We used a very light blue shade called Bridal Blue. We then accessorized with brown elements, like the shower curtain, rugs, towels and baskets.

Anyway, that’s our place! Once I’m working we hope to do a few more things, but for now we’re pretty satisfied with how everything turned out!


One Response to “Our Apartment: Before and After”

  1. Carlene July 27, 2009 at 4:45 pm #

    oh la la! Love the colors! you've made your house a home! 🙂

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