Economical Ways To Update Your Home

12 Jul

If you are anything like me, you’re constantly trying to find ways to make things feel fresh in your home.  Purchasing art you truly love, painting your walls a different color, or even springing for new couches can be kind of costly.  That’s why I love Country Living‘s list of 70 Simple Home Makeovers.

They have great ideas that include items you may already have in your home, or cost-effective solutions to update your decor.  Ideas are broken down by room, so it’s really easy to find just what you want for the room you’re looking to make over!


A few of my favorites include placing a bench, which provides plenty of space to kick off your heels and even store them.  Another idea of course is to place a small desk or console table in an entryway, which you can utilize to store necessary items such as keys.   Candles or nice vases would add a pretty touch to this idea as well.

For the kitchen, I love the unique idea of painting a panel of a cabinet with chalkboard paint, which will give you the memo board you need without taking up the extra space!  Very clever.

Look and discuss.  What ideas do you like?


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