Unemployment rate rises to 9.5%

3 Jul

As an unemployed person, it is really sobering to hear that so many Americans are going through the same thing I’m going through.  It’s not about the money…God provides, He always has.  It’s about feeling that I wasted my time in 6 years of schooling to come out on the other side empty-handed.  It’s about being newly married and feeling that I can’t contribute to my new household.  It’s feeling worthless.  I know I shouldn’t feel that way.  I know I have the skills and education to land a good job.  The problem is that the jobs just don’t exist right now.  Who knows when things will pick up?  I just hope things turn around soon.


One Response to “Unemployment rate rises to 9.5%”

  1. notesalongthepath July 3, 2009 at 3:19 pm #

    I can so relate to your feelings of idleness and not being able to contribute to your household. I became ill in 1997 and have not been able to work since–and a good deal of “who I was” was wrapped up in my ability to be a productive member of society.

    I just wanted to say, and you know this, I can tell, that this time shall pass and you’ll be back at it soon enough. Have you thought of volunteering somewhere in the meantime? (I wrote a post about this today at my blog.)Bright, educated, talented people have so much to give when they’re not working, and I’m sure wherever you volunteered, you would be appreciated to no end. Take care.

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