Song of Solomon Revamped

1 Jul

I have been looking for a good devotional to read with my husband for quite some time now.  Over the past weekend, a friend recommended John and Anita Renfroe’s Songs in the Key of Solomon to me.  I received it in the mail yesterday, and I’m already crazy about it!

Songs in the Key of Solomon

Each devotional has five sections.  The first section gives you something to do with your spouse, like sitting down to a meal together, sharing a hot beverage or finding the craziest ad in the Classifieds.  The second section provides scripture to provoke thought and discussion.  The third section brings the scripture to life, tying in movie references or real-life situations that make the scripture applicable to our daily lives.  The fourth section has some thought-provoking (and fun!) questions.  The fifth section encourages prayer or things you can do after the devotional to remain in unity with one another.

After visiting the author’s website, I fell in love with her books as well as her personality.  She has appeared in the New York Times, and is a frequent comedy contributor to Good Morning America.  Her sense of humor, but also her zest for life, are really apparent within the pages of Songs in the Key of Solomon.  We can’t wait to start reading it!

You can order Songs in the Key of Solomon in almost any bookstore, but I would encourage you to head straight to the author’s website, where they are currently having a summer sale!  Each book is $5, and shipping is really cheap too!  Enjoy!


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