No more Jon and Kate

22 Jun

I used to be a fan of TLC’s show, Jon and Kate Plus Eight.  I loved seeing two parents taking on the challenge of raising a big family, all while maintaining a close relationship with Christ.

As the seasons went on though, things became more tense.  Kate became more critical and condescending.  Jon seemed eager to escape his responsibilities and live the life he felt he had missed.  Now after all of the speculation, People is reporting that the Gosselins have filed for divorce.

Reading through various websites and forums, I see two things that really disturb me.  One side of the audience is too quick to judge these two, blasting them for bringing cameras into their home, writing that these parents clearly do not care for their children.  The other side of the audience seems to have an opposite, maybe more frightening reaction, blaming the divorce chiefly on the “reality show curse,” because, well, clearly…it has brought down couples such as Nick and Jessica, Carmen and Dave, etc…

I just want to write to say that I feel so sorry for this family.  Perhaps bringing the cameras into their lives was a mistake that ultimately cost them their marriage.  Tabloids have asserted that infidelity has occured, and only Jon and Kate know whether this is true, and it is their business.  The stress of having eight children, of trying to support those children, all while maintaining the communication necessary for a strong marriage…it had to be tough.

What I am saying is that it’s not right for us to judge them.  While they chose to be on TV, they do have the right to some privacy.  This also must be a lesson that no relationship, not even one that involves two Christians, is immune from this sort of division.  Even in a case where only two people are involved, stress and lack of communication can divide a couple that was once in love.

I pray that Jon and Kate find some peace.  If reconciliation is possible, I pray that God does it.  And if it’s not, I pray that He gives them the strength that it will take to raise eight children separately.  Most of all, I pray for the eight children that surely will not understand the changes that are to come.  I pray that God strengthens them and gives them comfort.


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