Show Like "Lost" and "Fringe" Too Complex?

11 Mar

Since Lost isn’t on tonight, I was searching for some old articles and pieces relating to Lost and its creator, J.J. Abrams. I found this great article from 2008, in which Abrams defends his complex (and often confusing) storylines.

I’ve loved Abrams’ stuff since Alias was on tv. That quickly became one of my favorite shows, despite its crazy plot twists and complex storylines and relationships.

I didn’t get into Lost at first. That started airing on ABC while Alias was still on, and it was far too into Alias to get, ahem, “lost” in a new show. Ryan convinced me to start watching it in 2007, and I was hooked. I watched the first three seasons just in time to start watching the fourth season, and I love it!

Despite the complaints of viewers that it’s too complex or confusing, and that Abrams jumps around in time too frequently. My answer to that is simply this: I was three seasons behind, and I caught up! If you like a show, then why not take the time to follow it? Those who miss an episode have no excuse. You can watch them online now, even in High Definition!

And Fringe…I’m just now starting to watch that, but I only catch it every other week or so, and I’m not confused.

Abrams delivers high quality television, and in my opinion, it’s his complex storylines that add real depth, humor and drama to his shows.


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