Am I the only one who cares?

2 Jan

I’m starting to realize now, more than ever, the dying art of reading.  I’m starting to realize that people no longer seem to care about books, whether they are the classics or what many refer to as “beach reads.”

Now of course, I know I am literally not the only person in the world who considers this a tragedy, but I will venture out on that dreaded limb and say that sometimes it really feels that way.

I have loved reading since I was kid.  I was the child who hid under the covers, struggling to read just a few words with a flashlight, knowing that I was bound to be caught and told to get to bed instantly.

I haven’t changed much.  I still read nearly anything I can get my hands on, from traditional canonical favorites such as Austen and Shakespeare, to modern popular authors such as Sparks and The Kite Runner’s Hosseini.

I’m the woman who is devastated when I walk into a Barnes and Noble bookstore, arguably one of the largest book chains in the world, and an employee looks at me quizzically when I ask for assistance in the finding the works of Fletcher or Marlowe.

I wish I had some sort of conclusion for this thought at present, but it is something that I am still developing, as I am not sure what the answer is.  The methods in which teachers are instructing their students may have something to do with it, and some of it may be that some families do not encourage the importance of reading and writing in modern society as technology seems to gain more and more importance, threatening to continually reduce the prevalence of the written word.

Or, is this even a problem at all, and I’m simply paranoid?

What does everyone think?


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