Getting through…

5 Sep

Well, I’m in the middle of my second week of graduate school, and though there is a lot to be done, I’m feeling more confident and less stressed about all that has to be accomplished in the coming semester.

My readings are going well. I just finished reading some James Joyce. Joyce is not my particular cup of tea, but I will at least say that I can recognize why some call him a genius; his usage of symbolism, mythology and puns certainly put him in that category. I mean, Finnegan’s Wake in and of itself is comprised of layers of puns. Next for that class is some of Virginia Woolf’s short stories, which I am really looking forward to.

I also just finished reading Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko. I really enjoyed it. It was an intriguing story about an African warrior prince who was sold into slavery. Though it ended rather tragically, I felt uplifted by Oroonoko’s honorable character. For the same class, I read Jonathan Swift’s A Tale of A Tub. Let me just summarize that experience by saying that I don’t think I will be reading Swift again anytime soon.

My third class focuses on Middle English writings, and we read a portion of Book Twenty of Le Morte d’Arthur. Though reading Middle English is very difficult, this particular text was not so bad. I’ve certainly read worse, i.e. certain editions of The Canterbury Tales. Next is Chaucer’s The Reeve’s Tale, so we’ll see how that one goes.

Aside from schoolwork, work is going well. I’m starting to get the hang of things, and really enjoying the interaction with my new co-workers. It’s certainly not the same though. Sometimes I really miss the work I used to do, interacting with professors on a daily basis, assisting them with various technological needs. I think the hardest part about starting the new job is that I no longer get to hang out with my previous co-workers. There are days when I’m sitting alone at my new desk, wishing I could laugh it up with Kyle, Lisa or Megan.

However, I am thankful. Transitions can be tough, but I’m counting my blessings and looking at the bright side of things. I am essentially being paid to go to school, plus getting a salary. So basically I am getting paid to read good (well, most of the time!) books. I definitely can’t complain about that.

Alright, I’m off for the night. I wish I had the energy to write more, but this has been a long day and it is time for sleep! Take care everyone!


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