The past week…

22 Jul

It’s been a while since I did a picture post, so here’s my weekend in photographs…

On Friday I went to my good friend Virginia’s nursing school graduation…

Mr. and Mrs. Roeder, Erin, Virginia and myself

Me, Virginia and her sister Crystal

Saturday I went to a rodeo with my young adult group…

I look like I’m up to something don’t I?

Lisa looking crazy, me and Crystal

The whole crew at the rodeo. Notice my cowboy boots?

Nate drivin’ the truck to the rodeo!

And tonight, Sunday, I went mini-golfing with the young adult group. Can you tell we love to hang out?

I am SO concentrated!

Crystal, Nate, Virginia and Brant

Waiting while Brant takes his shot

Virginia snapped a picture of this awesome sunset as we were getting ready to leave the golf course tonight.

Sometimes we just have to pause and thank God for the miracles we see in our daily lives, like this gorgeous sunset. No sunset ever has or ever will look exactly the same. Aside from the beauty of God’s creation, I am really thankful to have wonderful friends in my life. I am really enjoying this chapter of life; just getting to know people and learning more about who I am as a person. I am truly living a blessed existence right now.


One Response to “The past week…”

  1. Meiche July 23, 2007 at 9:31 am #

    Meg, I love your boots! So, what size foot do you have?

    It’s looks like you’ve been having some GREAt fun!
    You know, the danger of having so many blogs is the habit you get of repeating yourself. I’m still posting things about the snow on my various blogs 😉
    I think a bit of culling will not go amiss…

    Take care Meg!

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